BTI-SKKU Workshop on Healthcare and Biotechnology

Singapore, 5-6 February 2017

Welcome to the BTI-SKKU Workshop


About the Workshop

Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI), A*STAR, Singapore and Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Republic of Korea are jointly organizing the BTI-SKKU workshop on Healthcare and Biotechnology to lay a platform for fostering collaborations between BTI and SKKU in the areas of Biomedical Technology and Industrial Biotechnology, and the associated platform technologies.


This workshop aims to bring together scientists from both Singapore and Korea who are actively working in emerging platform technologies and their biomedical/biotechnology applications, in order to share and discuss state-of-the-art developments and their industrial applications. Additionally, the workshop will seek to identify the key opportunities and challenges in this field and strategies to effectively address them. The workshop is chaired by Prof Kong Peng Lam (Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR, Singapore).


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