Mammalian Systems Biotechnology Workshop

Singapore, 11-12 August 2016

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About the Workshop

“Mammalian Systems Biotechnology” is an emerging paradigm which employs integrative multi-omics data and model-driven approaches to study and rationally engineer mammalian cells for the efficient production of high-value drugs such as recombinant therapeutic proteins and biosimilars/biobetters.


This workshop will bring together globally eminent experts actively working in the Mammalian Systems Biotechnology field, in order to share and discuss state-of-the-art developments and their industrial applications. Additionally, the workshop will seek to identify the key opportunities and challenges in this field and strategies to effectively address them. The workshop is chaired by Dong-Yup Lee (National University of Singapore/Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR, Singapore) and Steve Gorfien (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA), and sponsored by the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer at Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Workshop Topics


The workshop topics include (but not limited to) the following systems and synthetic biology methods applied to mammalian cell factories (cells, culture processes and therapeutic proteins) for advancing next generation biologics manufacturing

  • Computational modeling of cellular processes/metabolism/regulation
  • Multi-omics profiling
  • Multi-scale and multi-omics data integration and modelling
  • Dynamics and control of biological systems
  • Reading and writing genomes/genome engineering
  • Synthetic circuits and cells
  • (Big-)Data processing and analytics
  • Protein engineering and design

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